Eric SparkPoint at Skyline College would like to recognize our second annual SparkPoint Spotlight Award Recipient. Each year SparkPoint recognizes one student that has demonstrated their commitment and dedication to their financial goals and involvement with SparkPoint services.

As a full-time student and single parent, Eric Torres qualified for the CalWorks program on campus which connected him to additional programs including: EOPs, SparkPoint, and child care services. Eric acclimated quickly to the campus and started a Student Assistant position at the Financial Aid office. Working in a department where he was exposed to different avenues to generate income, led him to apply to the Grove Scholarship. This was the commencement of Eric’s engagement with SparkPoint, but like the other areas campus, Eric immersed himself in the support that was being offered. He has accessed the following services: Grove Scholarship, financial coaching, SparkPoint Cash, career coaching, our on-campus food pantry, the Free Community Market, and public benefits access.

In one year, Eric eliminated his entire $15,000 debt, increased his credit score to a 748 and currently has 3.54 GPA. Eric is elated by his current situation and attributes his success to the resources and benefits that SparkPoint and Skyline College have provided for him.

Please visit the SparkPoint Center at Building 1, Room 1-214, to see the display for Eric Torres, additional information about his story and success, and for our available services.

Article and Photo by Flor López

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