Study Break_F13_foto

The EOPS/CalWORKs students were invited to participate in a Study Break session during finals week, where they enjoyed coffee and pastries, and took an opportunity to discuss tips on studying for finals. In fact, this was an activity to support students in their effort to learn on how to study for different subjects. From creating flashcards to remember important concepts to working in study groups, students realized that finals can be a frustrating experience if one is not prepared. For instance, some students shared their own study skills strategies while others took the time to review their notes. This was an informal study group where students learned from each other experiences and even EOPS/CalWORKs staff shared their own college study tips.

In addition, students discussed different ways to beat the holiday stress. Although they are excited about the holidays and finishing with final exams, they also recognize that the holidays bring some level of anxiety. One student recommended setting a budget and list of items one could afford, rather than overspending. Overall, students agreed that expressing gratitude is a healthy thing for people to do. A Study Break session was also an opportunity for students to appreciate a good conversation rather than “taking a break” updating their Facebook or Twitter account.

Article and Photos by Javier Urena.