The Skyline College campus community celebrated Earth Week with a number of events organized by the Environmental Club and Science/Math/Technology Division.

By assigning each day a specific environmental topic and corresponding activity, members of the Environmental Club sought to raise campus awareness of important sustainability issues.

Highlights from the week include an electric vehicle showcase on the Quad for “Transportation Tuesday”, a waste sorting game on “Throwaway Thursday” that educated students about recycling and composting, and a blind taste test of bottled and tap water for “Water Wednesday.”

The Environmental Club’s President, Kelly Wong, says Earth Week went even better than expected. “It was a small gesture in the grander scheme of things, but for the Environmental Club it was a great way for us to plant a seed and generate conversations on and off campus about environmental issues.” Kelly hopes those who participated in the activities share what they learned with others.

Skyline College also participated in Pacifica Beach Coalition’s EcoFest on Saturday, April 21, 2018. Biology professor Shari Bookstaff and her student volunteers spent the day educating kids about protecting the coast through a number of activities including trivia, a matching game and marine life art craft.

Article by Mary Thomasmeyer | Photos by Skyline College Environmental Club, Shari Bookstaff, and Mary Thomasmeyer



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