ESLRD1ELI staff look forward to the twice-annual ESL Registration Day with great anticipation and excitement, and this year did not disappoint.  Over thirty new students came to Skyline College to apply, take the placement test, participate in orientation, and get an appointment with a counselor.  They spoke with financial aid representatives, asked questions about classes, and were guided every step of the way.  The Learning Center was, once again, the perfect location for students’ first step into college.

The day was expertly organized by Program Services Coordinator Chris Rico, who coordinated testing with Goldie Lee and her staff.  Minerva Velasquez processed applications, and Serena Chu-Mraz and Leigh Anne Shaw assisted students during the day.  Counselors Kenny Gonzalez and Daryan Chan led wonderful orientations that cleared up many students’ questions.  Student assistant Selena Wu was invaluable in all areas of assistance all day.

Special thanks to Jonathan Paver and David Reed for making the TLC available that day, and also to Jairo Barreto, who lent IT support.

Article and Photo by Leigh Anne Shaw