Energize Colleges InternshipsEnergize Colleges Internships 2The Energize Colleges program has new positions that are accepting applications now. While the internships have different goals, the interns will work together to achieve a common goal. Interns will gain the opportunity to better understand campus operations while also developing skills to help identify financial savings and suggest sustainable practices.

COVID-19 Operations Assessment Intern

This intern will assess Skyline College operations prior to and during COVID-19 and the goal is to find practices that promote sustainability and financial savings once the school returns to on campus work. This includes collecting quantitative and qualitative data along with the Sustainable Procurement Intern (see below) to better understand shifts that have occurred as a result of COVID-19. Following the data collection, the intern will compare the differences and suggest operational shifts in line with the goal. After identifying effective practices, the intern will design a guide for sustainable practices to be used when returning to campus and highlight the potential co-benefits of these changes.

Click here to apply as a COVID-19 Operations Assessment Intern.

Sustainable Procurement Intern

This intern will assess the proficiency of sustainability literacy and evaluate the choices of individuals who have purchasing power for Skyline College. This intern will work to collect both qualitative and quantitative data though surveys and interview to gather information and identify gaps in sustainability knowledge. Once data is gathered, the intern will collaborate with the COVID-19 Operations Assessment Intern (see above) to identify strategies to shift these individuals’ behavior to be more environmentally sustainable and cost effective. The intern will synthesize their finds and recommendations into a guide for staff to review and leverage when making purchases for their division or program.

Click here to apply as a Sustainable Procurement Intern.

Presidents Innovation Fund Sustainability Curriculum Intern

We are hiring an intern to support our Presidents Innovation Fund grant as we work to recontextualize Skyline courses with a sustainability theme. The intern will help support this project through various assignments around curriculum development, organizational planning and outreach, and research. This internship will help interpret data from projects to get an overall understanding of our sustainability curriculum’s impact. This internship will also help Skyline expand their sustainability curriculum infusion program by identifying divisions where our sustainability program could expand. The intern will also play a supporting role in facilitating our faculty working group meetings as faculty work on their recontextualization of courses. Over the course of the program, the intern will develop or improve skills around research, curriculum development, event planning, and more.

Click here to apply as a Presidents Innovation Fund Sustainability Curriculum Intern.


For additional questions, please email smithlangdon@smccd.edu

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