end of year celebrationOn Thursday, May 18, the Academic Senate and Classified Senate worked closely together to host the annual End-of-Year Celebration. To welcome us into the summer the theme this year was Beachy Keen! Guests were greeted as they walked in with flip flops, beach balls, sun glasses and a generous donation of beautiful baskets! Our charismatic, talented and super cool Amber Steele, and the fun and enthusiastic Classified Senate President, Michele Haggar welcomed guests with a warm summer greeting. The event featured two amazing singers from Amber Steele’s courses.

In addition to the beautiful performance, the celebration featured a drawing for baskets donated by various divisions, programs, and departments on campus! The proceeds, totaling $1,147.50 dollars will be going the Academic and Classified Senate Student Scholarships for 2018 for Skyline College students. Well done team!

And along with the wonderful drawings and baskets, this was a time for us to recognize, say thanks, and congratulate our Classified Staff Retirees Sandra Kirkpatrick, Devitt Hartney, We Hwa Fend (aka Teacher Vicky), and Marilyn Jean. They will all be sorely missed! To present the Special Recognitions Award, Michele introduced Vice President of Administrative Services, Eloisa Briones who presented the special recognition to Annie Trinh, Accounting Technician and Dean of SMT Ray Hernandez who presented the award to Nadia Tariq, Program Services Coordinator for Respiratory Care. These two Classified Staff members were awarded in recognition for their dedication and sincere efforts towards the work they do for their fellow colleagues and students.

end of year celebrationAt the event Kate Brown, Academic Senate President also took time to recognize and announce the retirements of Dennis Wolbers, Librarian and Curriculum Chairperson for 2016/2017 and Dean of Social Science and Creative Arts, Donna Bestock. Both of these individuals dedicated years of their lives to students and worked diligently and with heart to meet the needs of the faculty and staff around them. It was also announced that both Donna and Dennis would serve as this year’s Faculty Marshalls for the 2017 Commencement Ceremony. Kate also announced that Jesse Raskin and Jessica Hurless were this year’s winner of the Meyer Excellent in Teaching Award. This award recognizes the contributions of a faculty member in their first five years of hiring who demonstrate excellence in teaching, on/ off campus activities, and overall collegiality.

And last but certainly not least, our esteemed president, Dr. Regina Stanback Stroud presented the President’s Excellence in Leadership Award to Regina Morrison, Director of Financial Aid in recognition for the significant impacts she has made at Skyline College. Through her outstanding dedication, leadership and mentorship, exceptional performance, ingenuity, and ability to build strong community relationships she has been able to contribute and connect with those she works with in a positive and meaningful way. She is an inspiring leader to those around her and her deliberate focus to maintain a “student first” approach in everything she does is done so with passion, purpose, and humility.

And with that, overall the event was well attended and a great success! The organizational team would like to thank the many hands that assisted in putting together this fun celebration. Thank you to EVERYONE that put efforts toward the donation baskets, to those who assisted in the selling of the drawing tickets, and to those that purchased them. This event would not have been as great as it was without everyone’s participation and support.  Thanks also goes to our Pacific Dining Services for arranging the catering for the event, to Annie Trinh and Linda Bertellotti for scheduling the rooms, and to facilities for room setup/ cleanup.

Have a great summer and see you all at the next End of Year Celebration in May 2018!

Article by Michele Haggar | Photos by William Nacouzi