Skyline students assist newcomers in applying to the collegeESL Registration Day, a twice-annual event held by the English Language Institute, is the highlight of the semester for the ESOL department and the ELI.  Fifty-two students, at least fifteen of them currently attending high school, poured into the Learning Center on Saturday, April 25 to learn about the educational opportunities at Skyline College.

In one day, ESL Registration Day lets new students apply, get a G-number, take the placement test, attend orientation, make an appointment to see a counselor, and learn about financial aid.  The ELI then provides intensive follow-up to get every single student in to counseling appointments in the following week.

Kenny Gonzalez and Daryan Chan were the dynamic duo of counselors, tag-teaming orientations and providing triage counseling to students during the entire event; 32 students attended orientation on this day.  Jacky Ip led the Assessment Center team in providing 46 assessments; all went smoothly due to the attentions of Jairo Barreto, who readied the computers in the Language Lab for the job.

ESOL faculty Leigh Anne Shaw and Garry Nicol guided the applications process, coordinating student workers in helping people fill out the complicated applications and move through the steps.  ELI staff Selena Wu and Maria Somarriba were indispensable with translation, guidance, and facilitation of every step of the way.  Minerva Velasquez processed G-numbers for every attendee going through the matriculation process and lent her A&R expertise to many during the process. Charene Quan from Financial Aid explained the FAFSA process to students.

ESL Registration Day could not have been successful without Chris Gibson and Jonathan Paver of CSI, David Reed of the Learning Center, and the many deans who lent their support: Angelica Garcia, Mary Gutierrez, and William Minnich.

Article and photos by Leigh Anne Shaw