soccer teamEighteen Skyline College Student Athletes have been named to the California Community College Athletic Association (CCCAA) Academic All-State Team for Fall 2020. The student-athletes are:

Fernanda Xitlali Garcia, Celeste Henry, Genevieve McVanner Rogers and Mooly Moock for Women’s Soccer

Jake Cardinale, Davidson Iriabho Okugbe and Alejandro Verdin for Men’s Soccer

Janice Luong and Daphne Mursalin for Women’s Volleyball

Nicole Brunicardi, Emilia Dougherty, Valeria Martinez and Ani Uikilifi for Women’s Basketball

David Avak, Noah Haynesworth, Walter Lum, Callum Spurlock and Colby Vazquez for Men’s Basketball

The criteria for nomination are:

  1. Participation in an intercollegiate sport during Fall 2019 or earlier
  2. Successfully completing 24 or more units starting with their first participation through Spring 2020.
  3. Achieving a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher for all units attempted from their first participation through Spring 2020.

Students nominated are automatically selected to the All-State Team once the CCCAA confirms that all the criteria have been met. Congratulations to these deserving students on their wonderful accomplishments both in the classroom and on the court, field and mat.

Article by Joe Morello

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