ECECareerPathwaysEvent1 On Thursday evening, October 15, 80 participants in Early Childhood Education heard a stellar panel of professionals talk about careers and college pathways.  Using Early Childhood Education as a foundation, students learned about the range of careers ahead of them for working with and in support of children and families.

The group was welcomed by ECE/EDU Program Coordinator Kate Williams Browne.  Several panelists from Skyline College told their stories of inspiration:

  • Wendy Fung-Burt taught swimming and volunteered in her children’s classrooms before finding the Skyline ECE program; she now plans to get an Elementary Credential and Masters degree in Early Childhood Education;
  • Pat Sasso began as an English major, attended Community College, raised a family, and is now a Literacy Specialist with the Silicon Valley Community Foundation;
  • Dr. James Adams helped his mother raise a niece and a nephew while getting degrees in Educational Psychology and currently leads the Jefferson School District’s Special Education Department;
  • Tina Watts planned to study white sharks, but shifted from biology to education and now directs the Skyline Child Development Lab Center;
  • Michele Haggar struggled through school, overcoming disability to complete her education and is now at the campus Transfer Center;
  • Kristina Brower found herself interested in education after becoming a parent, and earned an AS from community college and BA in Child & Adolescent Development while becoming a Head Teacher at the Skyline College Children’s Center.

The requirements and services here at Skyline were noted by Transfer Center Program Services Coordinator Michele Haggar, ECE/EDU Program Services Coordinator Kristina Brower, and Director Tina Watts for the campus CDLC. ECE Department’s Dr. Sarita Santos described the degree programs available at San Francisco State and CSU East Bay Universities.

ECECareerPathwaysEvent2Stay tuned for the next two ECE-sponsored events. On Wednesday, October 29, come hear the inspirational story of George Mendoza, blind visual artist and children’s book author. Saturday, February 22,  the annual “Orientation to Teaching,” will offer workshops and permit instruction for those interested in the teaching profession in early, special, and elementary education.

Article and Photos by Kate Williams Browne