Attendees of the Early Childhood Education End of Year CelebrationOver 40 students walked across the stage in recognition of achieving their goals in the fields of Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, or Special Education on May 10 at the Child Development Center.

Along with these students, were their families, friends and ECE/EDU faculty to cheer them on and show their support. Vice President of Instruction, Jennifer Taylor-Mendoza and Dean Christine Roumbanis joined the celebration, along with Director Tina Watts, Master Teacher Michele Amaral, and faculty Suji Venkataraman.

Nicole Porter and chair Kate Williams Browne announced the students as they crossed the stage where they were tossed a beach ball by program adviser Kristina Brower.

Each year the program is able to provide this celebration through a generous donation for the Skyline College ASSC, a wonderful musical jazz performance by Zachary Bruno and his ensemble, and through opening and closing remarks from inspiring community members. This year’s speakers were Board of Trustee member Tom Mohr and Superintendent of San Mateo County Schools Anne Campbell. Both touched on how important education and working with young children is to our future and to our communities.

Article by Kristina Brower



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