While the new year brings hope and the possibility of immigration reform, for now restrictive measures still exist for Skyline’s undocumented students and their families.

To meet their emergency needs during the pandemic especially, the Skyline College Dream Center Fund was established by the Dream Center Task Force this summer.

This December, the Task Force is pleased to announce the launch of Dare to Dream, a campaign to raise funds that will directly aid undocumented students experiencing job loss, eviction, deportation of family members, illness and/or a lack of health care. These funds are incredibly important to our undocumented students that have been denied federal stimulus aid and are less likely than other students to receive state benefits.

Ways to Support and Donate to the Dream Center

Contributing to the Skyline College Dream Center Fund once or on an ongoing basis can make an immediate difference for our Skyline college students and also fund specialized Dream Center programs tailored to provide comprehensive support.

To donate by making a pre-tax payroll deduction throughout the year, the Task Force encourages Skyline College employees to enroll in SMCCC Foundation’s Employee Contributions Program and designate their gift to the “Skyline College Dream Center Fund.” Employees can also make a one time donation online or by mail.

Thank you for making a difference for our undocumented students and their families. Questions? Please contact Pamela Ortiz Cerda <ortizcerdap@smccd.edu>.

Article by The Dream Center Task Force

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