Staying true to our sustainability values, Skyline College has drafted its first Climate Action Plan (CAP).  The CAP aims to be a reference document to help the campus plan for predicted climate changes by reducing carbon emissions and growing as a sustainability stronghold in the community.  Using a breakdown of Skyline College’s emission sources, it discusses why reduction measures are important, what the college has done and is doing to reduce, and suggests what reduction strategies can be used in the future.  It also makes the case on the importance of providing students more opportunities to learn and practice sustainability through the curriculum and community engagement.


The CAP is available for public comment until June 2, 2017.  Please review the plan and comment with any criticisms or suggestions.  You can access the plan here:


These comments are vital to the plan’s success by assuring it aligns with the opinions and goals of the community.  After the period of public comment, your suggestions will be considered and integrated into the CAP.  Thank you for your time to make Skyline College a more sustainable campus.


Any questions about the plan, or sustainability in general, may be directed to Sustainability Coordinator Dainen Bocsary at


Article by Dainen Bocsary