Regina Stanback StroudThe Western Region Council on Black American Affairs (WRCBAA) is an official regional body of the National Council on Black American Affairs, which is an affiliate of the American Association of Community Colleges. At the WRCBAA’s fall regional conference in November 2014, Dr. Regina Stanback Stroud received an achievement award for her years of visionary guidance, dedication, undaunted leadership and service in the community college system.

Dr. Stroud is the first recipient of this achievement award and the WRCBAA has now established the Dr. Regina Stanback Stroud Achievement award in her honor. Because of Dr. Stroud’s outstanding work in education, equity and social justice, this award will be given on an annual basis to a visionary leader whose work makes a difference to so many students’ lives.

The award states the following: “In grateful appreciation, for your superior leadership and dedication to liberate, strengthen and educate and your commitment to excellence and social justice.” The Dr. Regina Stanback Stroud Award, along with the Sankofa Award which is given for service, is the highest achievement award that an individual can receive from the Western Region Council on Black American Affairs.

Article by Ron Galatolo