Last year, the district initiated a process to sell a portion of land on the edge of Skyline College’s campus referred to as “Parcel B.” 

As part of this project, the District will be building a third employee housing development and the remainder of the site will be developed by SummerHill Homes, the firm that purchased the parcel.

On “Parcel B”, the District will be constructing two buildings that will contain 30 total employee housing units (1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments) similar to those at College of San Mateo and Cañada College.  SummerHill Homes will be constructing 40 single family homes on their adjoining property.

The District and SummerHill Homes have been working through the permitting process with the City of San Bruno and project applications are under review by various city commissions and groups.  This review process will continue over the coming months before the project is presented to the San Bruno City Council for final approval.  The District is very optimistic about the project’s sign-off by city officials.

If all holds true, the following general timeline describes the project sequence:

  • Fall 2017/Winter 2017 – Required approvals received from City of San Bruno (permits, maps, etc.)
  • Spring 2018 – RFP for employee housing development released and awarded
  • Summer 2018/Fall 2018 – Groundbreaking on employee housing development at Skyline College
  • Spring 2020 – Employee housing development at Skyline College completed and opened

Article by Mitchell Bailey



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