A group photo of students participating in the the Discover Healthcare eventOn Thursday, October 20, 2016, Skyline College hosted 20 guests from 3rd Street Youth Center and Clinic for a “Discover Healthcare” event geared toward introducing prospective students to the allied health programs at Skyline College. The Outreach Office, in collaboration with the Career Advancement Academy (CAA) provided students interested in healthcare careers the opportunity to experience being Skyline College students for the day.

After receiving a warm welcome from Dean Ray Hernandez, the guests observed an “HSCI 100: General Health Science” course taught by Professor Paul Reuckhaus.  Following class, guests joined current Skyline College CAA students for the bi-annual Allied Health Panel where they were able to hear from former CAA students currently enrolled in healthcare programs across the San Mateo County Community College District.  Guests were also treated to lunch and a full campus tour.

Upon the conclusion of the Discover HealthCare event, representatives from the Outreach Office spoke with students about the enrollment and matriculation process.  Based on post-event evaluations, guests enjoyed the Discover Healthcare event, especially the opportunity to engage with current Skyline College students, faculty, and staff.

Thank you to the entire Skyline College community, specifically Jeremy Evangelista and Alina Varona of the Career Advancement Academy, Dean Ray Hernandez, Professor Paul Reuckhaus, Professor Reuckhaus’ HSCI 100 course who graciously welcomed our guests, all of the Allied Health Panelists, and the Outreach Ambassadors, who contributed to the success of this day.

Article and Photo by Lauren Ford