CSU DropIn Photo2October 1 kicked off the CSU Application season and the first CSU Application drop-in assistance days. Skyline College students again proved themselves not to be procrastinators. The first drop-in day had students ready to start before the 9:00 a.m. start time.

Application season is now in full swing and the Transfer Center’s Drop-in Hours and workshops to assist students applying to CSUs continue to be extremely well attended. Over 100 students have received CSU application assistance either through the Transfer Center drop-in hours, or through a CSU workshop offered through the Transfer Center. Several counselors have helped out during these hours, as well as our SFSU superstar Representative Doris Fendt.

The last workshop this season was on Tuesday November 11th, but students can come in to the Transfer Center during any of our scheduled hours to work on their application. The deadline for the CSU and UC is November 30th. Please keep spreading the word to help us ensure every eligible student applies and has the greatest chance for success!

Article and photo by Michelle Hagar