Cosmetology StudentsWhile most people were enjoying a day of leisure on Sunday, October 4th, four cosmetology student teams led by Instructor Tammy Calderon packed up their cars and headed for the Faggiano Student Competition at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk’s Coconut Grove. The preparation was rigorous for the Mardi Gras themed event: students worked day and night to create authentic looks that would wow judges, peers, and beauty industry experts.  Madrid of Madrid’s International in Oakland delivered a lecture and demonstration about current beauty trends in hair extension, haircutting, and hair color.  Nicolas of The Nicolas System of Precision Haircutting in San Francisco also shared knowledge and experience that will help students take their haircutting skills to a higher level.

Students were judged in three categories:  Hair, nails, and makeup, requiring them to work both independently and collectively.  They had to be innovative, creative and, flexible, communicating in ways that inspired and fostered the respect of their peers.

“This experience was a good way to learn how to work as a team,” said student Ceci Chavez, who won 1st prize in Makeup for her work on 2nd prize winning model and classmate Sam Sorrells.

The competition was a great learning opportunity for students unaccustomed to collaboration. Ceci and her teammates Phoo Han Oo and Maryanne Huezo also won 2nd place Overall.

For other students, the competition proved to be an occasion for career exploration.

“I was able to look at more options in the makeup industry. After this experience, I am going to apply for a fashion show certification at MAC cosmetics where I work,” said student Bianca Guzman, winner of 2nd place in Makeup.

She enjoyed applying makeup in new ways and using new colors to create beautiful images.  She now realizes that she has more career options in the field of cosmetology than she previously thought.

Other students who competed included freshmen Victoria Chao, Samantha Law, Katherine Schmolke, and Cheyenne Hassler, as well as juniors Margaret Keselman, Bora Ohk, Jacie Pacheco, Chizy Joy Pagalunan, Adrian Guillory, and recent Skyline College graduate Sebastian Wang.

To see pictures of the students in the Faggiano Student Competition, please visit our Facebook page.

Article by Evette Carpenter