Phoo Han Oo recieves award 2Skyline College Cosmetology Student Phoo Han Oo was awarded $50,000 for her “YES” attitude and exceptional talent in the “Junior Styles Stars Updo Bridal/Hairstyle Mannequin” Competition. Daniel Moses, a representative of the competition and business owner of “The League of Extraordinary Stylists,” from Oakland California, presented the check to Phoo and inspired the entire department by encouraging all of us to say “yes” to our goals and dreams through hard work and perseverance.

Phoo entered the competition (High Fashion Updo theme) with over 300 other students back in February of this year. In order to qualify, Phoo had to buy the required mannequin from Junior Styles’s Stars and create her bridal updo as well as the dress, makeup, and accessories that completed her bridal look.

Once the look was completed, Phoo had to do her own photo shoot of her bridal look, with an instructor present, using only her own iPhone. Throughout the entire competition, Mrs. Cam Dinh, an instructional aide here at Skyline Salon & Spa, assisted Phoo in supporting her with her questions and giving her positive encouragement to keep up the great work!

It worked! Paul, a representative of the Junior Styles Star National Hair competition from Florida, spoke with Ms. Carmen Richardson, one of Phoo’s other instructors to share the good news! Phoo won after weeks of progressing through multiple rounds of competition. The final round consisted of just 10 students.

Phoo was awarded her check and an all-expense paid trip to Florida where she will take part in sharing her journey of saying “Yes” and many other prizes that acknowledged her skills and talent.

Phoo’s instructors and peers are excited to share this GOOD NEWS with our campus family, Skyline College.

Article by Tammy Calderon