Mimi Vasquez, Kym Jackson and Regina Pelayo of the Spa at Skyline College.

The costume box overflowed with pearls, feather boas, headbands and tie-dye fabric and giggling girls struck silly poses. This was no ordinary opportunity to dress up; it was a special photo shoot in which the Cosmetology, Esthetics and Fashion Merchandising departments combined to make over their clients as a present for Mother’s Day.

Over a few short hours, ordinary women transformed into flappers, movie stars, flower children and secret agents with the magic of makeup, hairstyling and a few props. Photographer Gino de Grandis brought the best out of every model, coaxing smiles and laughter even from camera-shy shrinking violets. Once the paying clients had enjoyed their makeovers and photo shoots, the staff and students got in front of the camera for a few portraits of their own. Kym Jackson and staff looked lovely draped in fur and pearls, or just plain funny in oversize sunglasses. Even the Dean of the Business Division, Don Carlson, stopped by to try on a smashing fedora and snap some new head shots.

The photo shoot offered selected clients a fun experience (and some souvenir portraits!) to balance their upcoming relaxing afternoon at the Spa at Skyline College just before Mother’s Day. Students who participated in the project have glossy new photos for their portfolios, and the moms who modeled have a reminder of their own personal beauty and sense of style. If you missed the boat this year, check back with Cosmetology next spring to arrange the same special treatment for your mom. On Mother’s Day, she deserves something special.


Cat Nguyen and her mother Cam-Hoan Dinh celebrate Mother’s Day with a sixties-inspired photo shoot.


Freshman cosmetology instructor Tammy Calderon strikes a pose.


Flower children dance for the cameras.

Article by Lynsey Hemstreet | Photos by Gino de Grandis