Cosmo EventOn February 25, as part of African American History Month, the Cosmetology Department presented a special program entitled “Moments in Black History: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.” Stan Nash, owner of Milstan Thermal Products, spoke about pioneers in the black haircare industry.  Dr. Regina Stanback Stroud attended the event to receive an award for “Level 5 Leadership,” a concept from Jim Collins’ book Good to Great, from Coordinator Kym Jackson. A Level 5 Leader is someone who combines genuine personal humility with intense professional will to set an example of compassionate excellence.

Last week several Cosmetology students had the privilege of a private interview with Dr. Stanback Stroud, in which she answered questions about motivation, success, her legacy and the transformative power of Black hairstyles. In particular Cosmetology’s African-American students were excited and inspired to meet her and they shared their experience at the Moments in Black History event.

Our commemoration of Black History Month also included a pamphlet detailing African hairstyles, African-American inventors of haircare products and tools, and a fashion show featuring looks from the 1920’s through today.

Article by Linsey Hemstreet

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