Skyline College will take its first step in upgrading campus facilities with the expansion and renovation of Parking Lot L. On Tuesday, May 30, Lot L will be closed.  On Monday, June 5, the area will be fenced so that construction can begin. The work begins with demolition of fences, curbs, light poles, and the existing asphalt.


The new parking lot will have 500 paved spaces — up from the 100 paved spaces and 200 dirt spaces currently there. The new Lot L will have accessible parking and more electric vehicle charging stations. A path through a new landscaped area at northern end of Lot L will lead to the great view of the ocean.


The project will also include a new connection from the north Loop Road to Chilton Lane, which will become Lot T for staff parking.  Lot T will be blocked at both ends with bollards that can be removed in an emergency but will keep college traffic from travelling through the neighborhood.


In a related project, work will begin on Monday, May 22, on a new fenced enclosure in Lot C so the Automotive Technology program can relocate vehicles from its current storage area near Loma Chica.  The fence in Lot C is expected to be finished before commencement on Friday, May 26, and the vehicles will be moved the following Tuesday, May 30.


Lot L construction will be complete in November. Please refer to the Capital Improvement Projects website for updates on all the projects coming to Skyline College.