compost binWhen you put something in the garbage it doesn’t just go away. The waste we generate as a campus has adverse impacts not only to the environment but to the people in the community as well. That’s why we are instituting a food waste diversion program as Skyline College’s part to keep the planet and people healthier.

Waste services at Skyline College currently include landfill and recycling, but starting this month composting services will begin in the Sky Café and in all campus restrooms.

The Sky Café in Building 6 will introduce a new compost bin to include with our recycle and landfill bins. By composting items such as banana peels, coffee grounds, coffee stir sticks, and compostable utensils we will send less waste to landfills.

Restrooms will also be a part of the initial launch as paper towels can be composted. Paper towel dispensers and bins will have new signage to educate users about the disposal of paper towels in restroom bins and all other waste in designated landfill bins.

SMCCCD will now be compliant with CA Assembly Bill 1826: Mandatory Commercial Organics Recycling, and is also one of the first community college districts to implement a comprehensive composting program.

Composting will be deployed throughout the campus in a series of phases throughout the next year, beginning with the Sky Café and campus restrooms.

For more information about SMCCCD’s Zero Waste Program click here, and check out the Sustainability at SMCCCD Facebook Page for updates.

Article by John Doctor

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