Skyline College Library hosted the virtual Human Library event on October 20, 2022. At Skyline College, the Human Library goes beyond combating stereotypes and prejudices and celebrates our shared experiences. By providing a space for heart-to-heart conversations that inspire people to thrive despite stigma and taboo, these interactions foster kinship among the participants. Instead of reading a hard copy or an electronic book, the reader would meet with the person behind the chosen title and would learn the human book’s journey through one-on-one conversations. Our featured books were A Foreigner Everywhere, California Dreamin, Lowriding Professor, A Different Kind of Birthday, and Driven to Speak Up.

Though all timeslots were filled, our Skyline College President Dr. Melissa Moreno was able to read two books: A Foreigner Everywhere and A Different Kind of Birthday. Dr. Moreno shared her enthusiastic experience on The Fog Blog, under “Human Library” for week 10. After reading the Lowriding Professor, Adjunct Librarian Mary Torres-Volken stated, “… we all are connected and that we all have something in common, whether it’s language or family background or teaching experience.” After dialoguing with Driven to Speak Up, another reader learned about “micro-aggression” and the importance of not “ignoring it.” 

Thank you to all the human books and readers who engaged in the Human Library. Look out for Skyline College Library’s next virtual event “International Poetry in Many Tongues.” This upcoming event on November 17, 2022, at 4:30 p.m. is open to everyone, so join and possibly grace us with an original or favorite poem in your mother tongue! 

For further information about our November 17th, 2022, event, please contact Pia Walawalkar, Librarian and Outreach and Equity Coordinator for Skyline College Library.

Article by Sherri Wyatt

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