George Mendoza What color is the wind? That is the question that drove George Mendoza to paint what he saw, although he is blind. George brought his unique talents to Skyline College to close out Disability Awareness Month. In addition to an amazing painting demonstration by George, author JL Powers read her children’s book Colors of the Wind.

Colors of the Wind is the story of how George Mendoza became blind as a young teen and used his disability as the source of his creativity and beautiful paintings. George is a renowned artist whose paintings have been displayed across the globe; he is also an award winning runner.

Kids at Colors of Wind 1The special “Colors of the Wind” event was enjoyed by children from the Loma Chica Center and Skyline College students, faculty, and staff. Audience members were invited to interact with George as he painted a canvas which will be donated to Skyline College.

At the conclusion of the event, JL Powers and George Mendoza signed copies of Colors of the Wind and met with members of the audience. Additional signed copies of this beautiful book are for sale in the Skyline College Bookstore. The event was co-sponsored by the Disability Resource Center, Language Arts Division, and Business Division. As a final note, the children from Loma Chica Center voiced their thoughts on the color of the wind – the consensus was blue or purple!

Article by Melissa Matthews | Photos by Keisha Ford