The Skyline College Strategic Planning and Allocation of Resources Committee (SPARC) held its first meeting for Spring 2017 on Thursday, January 26, 2017.

Budget Update

Eloisa Briones, Vice President of Administrative Services, provided an update on the Governor’s Proposed Budget for 2017-18.  The State Budget process begins with the Governor’s proposal in January.  In May, the Governor will release a May revision of the proposal that will include updated revenue projections that account for the property and income taxes paid in April.  Included among the budget proposals for one time funding is $150M for implementation of Guided Pathways and $20M for Innovation Awards through competitive grants.  Additionally, the budget includes funding for only five Proposition 51 Bond Projects, although the Community College System Board of Governors approved 29 projects.  Skyline College Building 2 renovation is one of the 29 approved projects but was not included as one of only 5 funded projects.

Aaron McVean, Interim Vice President of Instruction provided an update Skyline College’s application for the California College Promise Innovation Grant Program to be funded by the California Community College Chancellor’s Office for $750,000 per college or $1.5 million per District. Vice President of Student Services Angelica Garcia talked about the $25 million allocated by the Department of Finance in Awards for Innovation in Higher Education. Skyline College is submitting a proposal for $2.5-$3.1 million for a period of approximately 3 years.  Submittals for both grants are due February 3rd.


Strong Workforce Plan

VP McVean gave SPARC an update on the Strong Workforce Plan, an ongoing State funded initiative to support Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs.  These funds are split among the three colleges based on an allocation formula.  Skyline College will use these funds to support Skyline College Promise Scholarships for students enrolled in CTE programs, to develop and redesign curriculum in CTE pathways, and to support Professional Development among other plan initiatives.


Productivity & Efficiency Report

VP McVean provided an overview of enrollment and load data over the past several years. Districtwide enrollment has been declining. Skyline College declined at the rate of 2-3% per year.  Load also declined over the same period and dropped 40 points from last year.


2017-2018 Fund 1 Budget Scenarios

The District released its early resource allocation for 2017-18. While being cognizant that this allocation will likely be updated as the budget process progresses throughout the Spring, this early allocation is used to determine if new ongoing funds will be available for budgeting next year. VP Briones presented the budget scenarios for 2017-18 considering declining enrollment and load.  While the site allocation will increase by $253K, projected expenditures will increase by $535K due to increased hourly instruction cost based on a goal of 7,242 FTES and load of 525.  Year-to date load is at 512.

Article by Judy Hutchinson