College Governance Council

August 23, 2017


Attendance: Christine Abella, Eloisa Briones, Kate Browne, Angélica Garcia, Michele Haggar, Jesse Raskin, Regina Stanback Stroud, Jennifer Taylor-Mendoza, Leandro Torres Mantilla, Christina Trujillo

Recorder: Sherrie Prasad

The College Governance Council held its first meeting for the academic year on August 23, 2017 chaired by Dr. Regina Stanback Stroud, President.


Approval of Minutes

The May 24, 2017 minutes were approved. (M/S/U Garcia/Trujillo) Unanimously.


Constituency Reports

Academic Senate

Academic Senate meetings regularly include visits and discussions with key administrators about the state of the College and issues for this year.

August meeting included:

Discussions of:

-Skyline Promise.  Design Team Leads Raskin, Grandy & Popal suggested the ASenate have regular reports and put it as an ongoing discussion item.

-Introduction of new Interim Vice-President of Instruction Jennifer Taylor-Mendoza, with discussion of her connections to ASenate work both local and state levels, and her background in both Community College system and teaching.

-AS Revision Task Group.  Chair Jessica Hurless is ready to re-convene the Task Group, called for revised membership, to complete work & make recommendations for ASenate approval by December, 2017.

-Skyline College Integrated Plan was introduced by Deans Luis Escobar [SSSP], Lasana Hotep [SEEED] and Jim Houpis [CIS] with a discussion of tasks and timelines, along with a suggestion to have regular communication/reporting from each of the three groups.

Actions on:

-By acclamation, Resolution honoring Leonard “Len” Herzstein

-Faculty screening committee appointments [DRC Assistive Technology Specialist/Mathews & Director, Skyline Promise Scholarship/Escobar

Reports from ASenate Standing Committees & Organizations:

-Curriculum, -Educational Policy, and –Professional Personnel will meet once membership is complete in September.

-AFT. Negotiation & Contract update made by Eric Brenner followed by discussion and announcement of District Faculty Workload Committee, with representation from each college’s AFT and Academic Senate.  Skyline’s members will be Nina Floro [AFT] and Leigh Anne Shaw [AS].

Forward into Fall Upcoming Plans:

DAS & District Faculty Workload, VPI & Librarian screening committees; Compendium of Committees  Canvas update;  SWF update & CTE liaison; State events & meetings, Fall Plenary [11/2-4]; visit by President Regina Stanback Stroud.

Classified Senate

Classified Senate recently hosted their first 17/18 meeting and with over 25 attendees, the meeting was very successful. In the meeting we introduced goal setting and shared a glimpse of the schedule for the fall semester.

  • We’ve set dates for our See’s Candy Student Scholarship Fundraiser
  • SHNSF Student Scholarship Fundraiser (will be sending out a Campus Announcement for all faculty and staff to participate)
  • Secured Off-site volunteer opportunity for classified to do landscaping restoration on Alcatraz Island on Oct. 14
  • Updates to our Constitution
    • ​adding resolution to include senates
    • updating specific item in constitution
  • Creating incentives to encourage staff to participate and get involved in senate meetings

There are also plans to update our constitution by adding an amendment and adding senators. Senators will serve as representative of their areas, but more information will come regarding this amendment.

 Associated Students of Skyline College

The Associated Students of Skyline College have focused primarily on outreach during the first week of school. They promoted themselves and the other on-campus services and student organizations through Welcome Week, which included the events Coffee and Donut Social, the Pancake Breakfast, and Program Services and Club Fair. They are in the process of finalizing their calendars for upcoming events of the fall semester. These events include LatinX Heritage Month and domestic violence workshops. At the next meeting, the ASSC will provide a more detailed description of their events for both ASSC and SOCC.

President’s report

Success Summit is a half day forum that brings together community organizations, business and civic leaders, faculty, staff and student leaders. Attendants will participate in progress seminars that focuses on issues that impact the northern region of the San Mateo County. This year’s summit will focus on topics for housing and jobs. The Academic Senate President, Kate Browne will be on the summit planning committee for next year. The Success Summit will be held on September 22, 2017 in Building 6 at Skyline College.

Accreditation update

The next site visit will be in October 2019. Skyline College is gearing up for the accreditation visit. The new Dean of PRIE, Dr. Jacqueline Honda will be the ALO for Skyline College. Dr. Honda will lead the accreditation process. The accreditation committee will lead the logistics and work closely with the ALO. We will be updating our integrated plans and tie it to the District Strategic Plan. The self-evaluation training for Skyline College will be held on Wednesday, September 27th.

Facilities Update

VP administrative Services Eloisa Briones provided the committee an update on the construction projects at Skyline College.  Under the Capital Improvement Program (CIP), the college has 3 major projects.  The Lot L expansion is currently underway and is expected to be completed at the end of November 2017.  The construction of the new Environmental Science Building (B12) at the vista point is about to start in early September, and is expected to be completed in December 2018.  The construction of the new gateway to the college, the Social Science Creative Arts Building (B1), is going to commence in Spring 2019 and is expected to be completed in May 2021.  During construction of the new building, classrooms and offices currently located in B1 will swing at the end of Fall 2018 to Pacific Heights (B19) and an off-site location.  The Child Development Lab Center will also undergo some minor renovations inside the Center and in the play yard during the summer and fall 2018.

With the major work happening on the Lot L expansion, the college is experiencing a shortage in parking spaces this semester.  The Executive Leadership and the CIP team are working on solutions to address this shortage over the next 3 months.  Once Lot L is completed at the end of November, the college will have a net increase of 61 parking spaces, including new accessible parking and EV charging stations.

President’s Breakfast

The breakfast is the primary fundraising event which provides seed money to faculty and staff to dream out loud for creative programs and services. Half of the fundraising money will be used for promise scholarships. The President’s Breakfast will be held on March 22nd, 2018 at the South San Francisco Conference Center.

Next Meeting’s Agenda Items – September 25, 2017

  • Accreditation
  • Skyline College Promise
  • Integrated Plan
  • Constituency Reports


M/S/U (Haggar/Browne) Unanimously.

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