The College Budget Committee met on September 26, 2013 chaired by Leigh Anne Shaw, Academic Senate President, and Eloisa Briones, VP Administrative Services.  Executive Vice Chancellor Kathy Blackwood presented the Final 2013-2014 Budget adopted by the Board of Trustees on September 25.  She explained the assumptions used for projecting property tax and other revenues as well as expenditures, resulting in a balanced budget for the general unrestricted fund for this year.  The district maintains a 5% reserve which the Board will be reviewing in a future study session, in light of the district’s community supported status.  The County Treasurer will be invited to present the County’s investment current practices and policies.

The Board wants to avoid investments losses similar to what the district incurred with Lehman Brothers going bankrupt.  Measure G will expire in June 2014 and the board will decide whether or not to go for a renewal. The current resource allocation model is FTES-driven.  The District Committee on Budget and Finance will continue its work in developing a new resource allocation model that will not only be based on FTES and growth, but also establish funding to maintain base staffing levels at each of the campuses.  Interim Dean of Planning David Ulate reviewed the integrated planning and budgeting process of the college and the role that CBC has in this process.  Eloisa reviewed the Skyline College financial reports for 2012-13 for fund 1 and the other major funds.  David Ulate presented the latest enrollment and productivity report.  Dean Joe Morello gave the CBC a thorough “primer” on attendance methods and explained the calculations behind FTES, WSCH and load.  This gave the CBC a better insight on what the numbers reported on the Productivity and Enrollment reports mean and how they were derived.  The College Budget Committee will meet again on October 10, 2013.

Article and photo by Eloisa Briones.