The College Budget Committee met on October 10, 2013 co-chaired by Academic Senate President Leigh Anne Shaw and Vice President of Administrative Services Eloisa Briones.

Eloisa presented in detail the Fund 1 Resource Allocation for 2013-2014 that shows an increase of $1,063,778 from last year, including compensation adjustments of $641K. Skyline College also receives Prop 30 funds calculated at $100 per FTES from the State’s Education Protection Account. The college has $294K of Measure G funds carried over from 2012-13. CBC will allocate these funds based on requests submitted by the divisions.

Eloisa also shared the list of District One Time fund allocations for 2013-14 which includes funding for equipment, technology replacements/upgrades and emergency building repairs. These were proposed by the districtwide Long Range Planning Committee for Equipment Replacement as part of an integrated plan of purchasing, replacing and recycling equipment to address the district’s total cost of ownership of its facilities and technology infrastructures. In response to the Board of Trustees initiative to rebuild our institution in light of the district’s community-supported status, the college developed its Strategic Priorities for 2014-2017 through its integrated planning and participatory governance processes. Skyline College received $1.8 million in one-time funds to enable the college to operationalize its Strategic Priorities. The District has assured continued support in succeeding years until such time as the college’s site allocation is able to cover these costs through increases in its allocation.

The College Budget Committee will allocate $200,000 in one-time funds and will review and prioritize requests at its next meeting. As the CBC prepares its recommendation for the 2014-2015 budget, operational budgets will be reviewed and assessed to ensure that divisions and programs are adequately funded to meet their needs.

David Ulate directed the CBC to the Accreditation website, particularly the Quick Guide that contains valuable information about the college’s various processes and planning documents. CBC has been selected as one of the committees to be interviewed by the visiting team.

CBC will meet again on November 14, 2013.

Article by Eloisa Briones.