Whether you’re new to student learning outcomes (SLO) assessment or have been a member of your department’s team for years, seasoned players are available to coach you to achieve your potential.

At this point, you’ve assessed all of your courses and/or programs, though you may feel dissatisfied with the process. Perhaps the SLOs don’t fully capture the core elements of the course and/or program; perhaps the assessment itself doesn’t reflect the core knowledge and skills you hold students accountable to; perhaps it’s not clear what to do with the results; perhaps you need a refresher on how to use TracDat…however you’d like to strengthen your SLO assessment game, SLOAC coaches are available to help you to strategize.

In addition to one-on-one assistance, take advantage of two upcoming opportunities: (a) October 11 morning flex workshops, in which you can become well versed in the assessment cycle, or focus on only one major stage of the cycle, or (b) SLOs on the Road workshops that can take place during your department meeting geared to you and your colleagues’ specific needs.

Learn how to make assessment meaningful, sustainable, worth your time and most importantly— with the students’ best interests in mind. Be empowered to field the best team possible.

Please contact Coordinator of Institutional Effectiveness Karen Wong at x4369 if you have any questions or would like to schedule help from coaches individually or departmentally.

Article by Karen Wong



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