Skyline College Classified SenateEach year, the California Community College Classified Senate (4CS) awards three to five Classified Senates in the state of California with the “Model Senate Award.” This year the Skyline College Classified Senate was nominated, and won!

A model senate, as defined by 4CS, “exercise[s] their role in shared governance with autonomy and professionalism” and “assist[s] other colleges in developing their local senates or councils.”  We had to provide evidence that we had met with the criteria, including items such as being recognized by the college administration in college governance, a cooperative relationship with collective bargaining agents (CSEA), having an up-to-date website, and more.

This past academic year, the Skyline College and Canada College Classified Senate leadership joined with staff members from the College of San Mateo to work on a plan to re-build a Classified Senate on our sister campus, to provide proper representation of the classified staff. Once an interview with the Classified Senate President Alana Utsumi had been conducted, our nomination moved forward to the 4CS board, where a vote placed us among the winners.

An award of this nature is only possible because of the direct participation and engagement of our classified staff who attend meetings, provide feedback, and help plan events and activities, along with backing from Skyline College administration.  A special thanks goes to President Regina Stanback Stroud for her strong support and guidance, and for placing value on the decisions and opinions of the classified staff at Skyline College.

The Classified Senate will be officially presented with their award at the June 2015 Classified Leadership Institute, at which Skyline College will be represented by six staff members.

To find out more about the Model Senate Award process and requirements, you can visit the 4CS website at

Congratulations, Skyline College Classified Senate!

Article by Alana Utsumi | Photo by Raul Guerra