staff at AlcatrazThis past semester has been a busy one for our Classified Senate members! Outside of the day-to-day support we provide to the campus, we have been hard at work volunteering and fundraising!

On Saturday, October 14, a total of 9 Classified Staff members participated in land restoration on Alcatraz Island! Our volunteer efforts included pruning and weeding a large hillside to help support the growth of native vegetation and to prevent soil erosion due to the harsh climate on the island. And as a result of our participation in this conservation and land restoration effort we received free transportation to and from the Alcatraz Island via the ferries, an insider look into the rich history of horticulture and gardening ideas spanning many different eras, and access to areas on the island that are not accessible to the public. And as an added bonus our volunteers arrived on Alcatraz before other visitors to experience the island during the most tranquil time of day and we were treated to free Audio tours! For our volunteers this was a great way to “participate in community volunteer efforts to support Golden Gate Nation Park conservation efforts designed to help restore Alcatraz Gardens and Landscaping” for all future visitors to enjoy.

Volunteering to support our communities didn’t stop there. Classified staff members also participated in a 5K Run/Walk Fundraiser to raise awareness and funds for those in our local communities and out of state that suffered terrible tragedies due to the natural disasters that decimated lands, properties and lives. If you’re still interested in donating, the link is still up and you are more than welcomed to do so. Special thanks to Linda Bertellotti, Joe Morello, Christina Trujillo, Alana Utsumi, and the many other Classified Staff members who supported this event.

And because the staff love fundraising, we also hosted our annual See’s Candy drive to support Classified Staff Scholarship Award and Classified Staff! With over $1,000 raised thanks to the candy sellers and buyers, the Classified Staff will be able to continue to support our donation to the scholarship! Special thanks to Kathy Fitzpatrick and Jacquie Espino for supporting our efforts!

Lastly, to round out our busy year and take some time to give thanks, the Classified Senate also hosted our Annual Holiday Potluck on Thursday, November 16. With over 50 staff members participating laughs, stories, and special moments were shared over a delicious meal provided by all those in attendance. It was a great way for staff to take a break from our hectic schedules and to reconnect before the rush of what the end of the semester usually brings. Special thanks to all the staff members who took time out of their day to organize, plan, and decorate for the event.

With that, Classified are very much looking forward to the coming year as we have so much more fundraisers, volunteering, and work to do to continue to support our local communities, students, and colleagues.

From all of us to all of you, may you have a holiday break filled with love, laughter, and some R&R!

Article and photos by Michele Haggar

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