The Classified Senate kicked off the three-day 2020 Classified Senate Summer Professional Development Retreat on July 27,2020.

The virtual sessions focused on self-care, reflection, courage, and mindfulness, which were reinforced by thoughtful messages from then outgoing Interim College President Dr. Jannett Jackson and incoming College President Dr. Melissa Moreno who acknowledged the importance of Classified roles and their impact on student success.

Gustavo Beltran, licensed clinical social worker from San Mateo County Behavioral Health and Recovery Services, and Golda Margate, VPSS Executive Assistant, facilitated an engaging workshop that invited participants to reflect on personal identities.

Dr. Cheryl Johnson, Dean of Student Equity and Support Programs, led a powerful workshop titled “Courageous Conversations,” which dealt with anti-Black and other forms of racism.

The retreat culminated in a self-care workshop with Michelle Batista, Director of Student Support, and Liz Llamas, Psych Services Counselor, wherein the importance of meditation and mindfulness was emphasized especially during these unprecedented times. The workshop included breakout sessions where participants shared challenges, experiences, and best practices for the mind, body and soul.

Despite the virtual format, each session was well-attended and included up to 30 classified professional participants.

Thanks go to Dr. Jannett Jackson; Dr. Melissa Moreno; workshop facilitators Gustavo Beltran, Golda Margate, Dr. Cheryl Johnson, Michelle Batista, Liz Llamas; and the Classified Executive Senate Board: Sherrie Prasad, President; Golda Margate, Vice President; Kennya Ruiz, Historian; Belinda Chan, Treasurer; Grace Beltran, Secretary; and Jeremy Evangelista-Ramos, Parliamentarian, for coordinating.

Article by Jeremy Evangelista-Ramos | Graphic by Grace Beltran

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