CITD ConferenceCITD launched its 2nd annual Connect to Thrive Global Summit with People Centered Internet at Skyline College on March 24, 2017. Aaron McVean, Interim Vice President, Skyline College, welcomed the attendees to the Skyline College. The Connect to Thrive Global Summit served as the trading post on the frontier of the future – a place where academic leaders, community leaders, city managers and national leaders explored what others are doing around the world, and what science and technologies are useful for improving lives.

Attendees heard from and engaged with keynote speakers including Adam Cheyer, who led the development of Siri, Inc. and Viv Labs, John Ryan, organizer of the People Center Internet and founder of One LapTop Per Child, and Dr. Soma Stout, Executive External Lead at Health Improvement IHI, Harvard Medical School.

The summit ended with a networking session at Skyline College. Participants continued conversations about the future frontier as the potential of a globally connected world, enabled by science and technology, provides opportunity for many more people to fulfill their potential. Technologies an innovations are exploding around the world in hackathons, startups and in the hearts of small and large enterprises.

CITD and PCI want to thank all attendees, supporters, volunteer ambassadors and speakers. We look forward to having you join us at next year’s Global Summit.

For more information about CITD and their activities, please visit website: or contact Yvonne Reid, Director, CITD, E:, T:  650-738-7098.

Article:  Yvonne Reid | Photos: Gino De Grandis Photography