On Thursday, November 16, the CIPHER Hip Hop Learning Community hosted a Financial Literacy presentation titled, “C.R.E.A.M. and Other Money Basics They Should’ve Taught in High School”, featuring Berna Anat.

With over 150+ attendees, Berna provided an interactive, engaging, and thought-provoking presentation that unpacked the financial trauma that impacts our communities of color. In addition, she provided strategies to address how we can create a financial plan for future security while disrupting the intergenerational cycle of financial insecurities and miseducation. The attendees also had the opportunity to engage in a fruitful Q&A session and participate in a book signing with Berna. Highlighting the importance of financial literacy through the POC lens, it spoke and connected to the experiences of many of our students. As a result, all of her books were sold out at the event. To order her books online, you can go to the Harper Collins website to purchase her book.

This event would not be possible without the support of our co-sponsors- the Equity Institute, EOPS, Changing the Face of Entrepreneurship, the Associated Students of Skyline College (ASSC), the Puente Learning Community, Global Learning Programs and Services (GLPS) and the Skyline College Bookstore. This presentation is part of our CIPHER Hip Hop 50 series celebrating 50 years of Hip Hop Culture.

Article by Nate Nevado
Photos by MCPR

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