Holiday Bling Vendor Fair     The CIPHER Hip Hop Learning Community hosted their 6th Annual Holiday Bling Vendors’ Fair and Community Day in collaboration with ASSC, Puente, and the Kababayan Learning Community on December 1, 2021.  The event brought together student entrepreneurs and local small businesses to provide our campus community an opportunity to do some early holiday shopping.  The event also provided an opportunity for our students to network and learn more about the process of entrepreneurship from all of our vendors.  This event also help raised funds for educational scholarships for our Rock The School Bells Scholarship Fund.

In addition, the day was filled with music and live performances by our students.  Performances included a keyboard set by Ayumi Asayama, a live script reading of an upcoming play by Kababayan performed by students from Kababayan and Puente, and a freestyle session with students and vendors.  Thank you to DJ Ouiboogie, one of our CIPHER students, for providing amazing music throughout the event.

The campus community were treated with snacks and treats from Kiss My Boba, Mister Softee Ice Cream truck, and finger foods and popcorn provided by the President’s Office.  The event was a phenomenal and successful experience that created such beautiful and vibrant energy throughout the campus.  We would like to thank all of the vendors who shared their passions and products with us.  If you’d like to support our vendors, you can still purchase items from them through their Instagram account and/or website.

Two Many Pearls Jewelry:  @twomanypearls

Rhymosaurs Coloring Books: @rhymosaurs (also found on Amazon)

Sari Sari Market Vintage Clothing:  @sarisarimkt

Wounded Healing Art:  @woundedhealingart

SF City Crafts Candles:  @sf.citycrafts

MixerFriendly Posters:

The Stacks Record Shop:

Shoes Customization By Conqo:  @shoesbyconqo

Qveen Idren Custom Jewelry:  @qveen.idren (also found on Etsy)

Pono Boutique:  @ponoboutique

Rock The School Bells Refresh Merchandise:


This event would not be possible without the planning by the organizing team – CIPHER, Kababayan, Puente, and ASSC.  We would like to thank our administration, Dr. Melissa Moreno, VPSS Newin Orante, interim VPI Danni Lapuz-Redding, Dean Russell Waldon, Dean Michael Kane, and Cherie Colin, for their continued support of our CIPHER Programming.  We’d like to acknowledge our campus resources who took the time to meet with all of our students – Study Abroad Program, Strategic Partnerships and Workforce Development, MCPR, Student Life/ASSC, Meta Majors, and Learning Communities.  Huge appreciation to Marisa Thigpen for the beautifully crafted succulents that our attendees enjoyed.  Lastly, we’d like to thank our student volunteers who made this event such an energetic and memorable one.


Written by: Nate Nevado

Photos by:  ASSC, CIPHER, Marisa Thigpen

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