On Friday, December 1, 2023, the Chemistry Club hosted an engaging and fun candle-making activity at the Chemistry Lab from 1 to 2 pm. The event achieved considerable success, drawing in more than 20 participants. It effectively showcased that chemistry goes beyond traditional laboratory work, offering a creative and hands-on experience accessible to everyone, including those not majoring in STEM.

The event started with an icebreaker activity, where participants formed groups and shared their initial encounters with chemistry. Responses were documented on Post-its and displayed on the whiteboard. Jerry Hnin, the president of the chemistry club, took center stage, providing insights into the chemical reactions underpinning candle making, detailing the ingredients, materials, and the necessary procedural steps. Participants gained knowledge about ideal wax types and what the materials are made out of from a chemistry perspective. Under the guidance of the club officers, participants promptly engaged in hands-on activities. Each person explored their creativity by selecting colors, scents, and molds that reflected their unique personality, all while thoroughly enjoying the process.

Participants exchanged ideas, shared experiences, and formed new friendships throughout the event. The event underscored that the Chemistry Club isn’t solely dedicated to academic pursuits; it serves as an inclusive community for those interested in chemistry, aiming to dispel stereotypes and inject an element of fun into the subject. The activity’s success highlighted the club’s commitment to providing immersive experiences that transcend conventional boundaries in chemistry.

The event concluded with participants sharing their reflections on how the candle-making activity influenced their perception of chemistry, with the majority offering positive responses.

Article and Pictures by: Lasheana Husni

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