We’re making a few changes in the Office of the V.P. of Instruction that will allow us to serve the faculty, staff, and students more effectively. Sherrie Prasad is our new Administrative Assistant and will be moving to 4-322 directly across from the entrance into the Administration Office area. Her duties will include managing work flow in the office, supporting projects and taking the lead on coordinating the schedule of classes.

Meet the new VPI Team: Sherrie Prasad, Bryan Besnyi, and Maria Norris
Meet the complete VPI Team: Sherrie Prasad, Bryan Besnyi, and Maria Norris

Brian Besnyi will be moving from the reception desk and joining the office in his new role as Administrative Secretary.  He will be located at the workstation outside the VPI office. His work will include facilitating the production of the catalog for instruction, supporting various committees, and keeping instruction websites updated.

Maria Norris, our Curriculum and Instructional Systems Specialist, will continue her work with CurricUNET, audit support, data-related reporting, and managing curriculum systems for the college. She is staying in her current location in 4-310.

Now, the fun information: Sherrie lives in South San Francisco; her hobby is being an extraordinary Giants fan; her favorite food is mango. Bryan lives in Half Moon Bay; his hobby is hiking; his favorite food is steak and chees nachos with hot sauce. Maria lives in San Mateo; her hobby is all things cats; her favorite food is anything Italian.

Article by Dr. Sarah F. Perkins.