Covered CA - photo 1The Skyline College Center for Workforce Development (CWD) has entered into a contract with the California Corporate College through Covered California to provide training in the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Covered California is a new health insurance marketplace where individuals and families shopping for insurance can compare and choose health coverage that best fits their needs and budget. The marketplace is designed so people who qualify can easily get financial assistance to make coverage more affordable.

The CWD is providing Covered California trainings to two groups – Certified Enrollment Counselors and Insurance Brokers. The trainings will allow participants to gain knowledge about Covered California, the Affordable Care Act, and the programs and assistance it provides so that they can help their clients better understand the health insurance options available to them. The CWD may train as many as 600 counselors and brokers during the fall semester.


Fully understanding Covered California is important because the program can provide a number of ways to help individuals and families without health insurance make coverage a reality. The trainings will continue throughout the fall semester on the following dates:

  • October 21-23
  • November 4-6
  • November 18-20
  • December 2-4

Article By Connor Fitzpatrick, Photos By Jeremy Evangelista.