CanInnovate ConferenceOn Friday, October 26th, 2018, Skyline College’s Hybrid/Online Community of Practice hosted the @ONE CanInnovate Conference, a series of webinars for community college Canvas users. The online conference was a huge success with hundreds of faculty from the 114 community colleges in the state. Some of the topics presented during the webinars included sessions on building an equity-minded syllabus, adding video to a Canvas course, previewing the new Canvas grade book and incorporating creative learning in online spaces. In addition to the online streaming of the conference, a delicious breakfast and lunch were provided by Noah’s Bagels Catering.

Program Service Coordinator, Ame Maloney, attended two sessions in the morning and said, “What I enjoyed about this experience was the variety of voices and perspectives from across the campus in one room discussing ways to create engaging classroom spaces online.” After attending the afternoon session, adjunct faculty member, Christopher Collins stated, “This experience was extremely enjoyable! I attended the Surprise! Good Things Happen When Students Get Creative session and learned to facilitate an online classroom that incorporates course content with student-led creativity.” The remarks made by Ame and Christopher echo the experiences of the other participants.

Because of the overwhelming success of the conference, the Hybrid/Online Community of Practice plans on hosting the conference again in late October 2019. Please mark your calendars and make plans to attend! For faculty who were unable to attend the conference, the links below have materials from the conference.

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Article by Hybrid/Online Community of Practice | Photo by Dr. Bianca Rowden-Quince

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