Faculty, staff and administrators gathered in room 6-202 on Friday, March 7, 2014 at noon for a wonderful luncheon in honor of five classified staff who have dedicated many years of service to the San Mateo County Community College District and Skyline College. After hearing welcoming remarks from President Stanback Stroud and the Classified Senate President, Linda Allen, the following people received recognition for their long-term service to the district.

13152466545_574bc5615aLinda Bertellotti joined Skyline College in April 2004 as Administrative Secretary to the Vice President of Student Services. When the opportunity came, Linda became the Administrative Assistant in the President’s Office in 2005. She worked briefly at the District Community Education Office and returned to Skyline College last year to become the Facilities and Events Coordinator for college and community events. Linda is the ultimate professional. She is competent and diligent with a strong work ethic. Yet, she always greets you with a kind word and a smile. You always feel welcome in any exchange with her. She’s the perfect person to be interacting with the public. Linda wants us to know that “I am most proud of the work that I do for Skyline College.” Congratulations and thank you, Linda, for 10 years of selfless service to Skyline College.

13152747784_91a66e5cd4Adolfo Leiva, Program Services Coordinator in the SparkPoint Center began working at Skyline College in 2003 for the Center for Workforce Development. He has continued his service with SparkPoint. Adolfo served for two years as president of the Classified Council. Through the years, Adolfo has earned an outstanding reputation for his passion for excellence among both the campus community and an extensive range of regional, state, and national partners. Adolfo’s steady service and joy for going the extra mile has made a difference in the lives of so many who have been served by Skyline College. Congratulations and thank you, Adolfo, for 10 years of selfless service to Skyline College.

13152750354_5a41f48db5Maria Norris, Curriculum and Instructional Systems Specialist in the Office of the Vice President of Instruction is celebrating 25 years of service. Prior to coming to the SMCCCD, Maria received her bachelor’s degree in journalism and rhetoric from UC Davis. Is it any wonder that one of her favorite TV show is The Newsroom? Maria began her tenure in the District 25 years ago by working in temporary positions at the CSM Public Information Office and Admissions & Records Office. She applied for a full-time Staff Assistant position available in the Special Programs & Services Office, but following her interview she attempted to withdraw because she didn’t think she did well in her interview. She had to be convinced not to withdraw because little did she know, but she was the only qualified applicant.

Maria developed experience working with the Child Development Center, Psychological Services, Health Services, and other special student services programs before accepting a division assistant position in Counseling Services at CSM. Following a stint in Counseling Services, she accepted a position in the Skyline Instruction Office working with Suzie Stevens and Theresa Tentes. Maria quickly fell in love with Skyline College and has been here ever since…and we are sure glad she did!!! Maria is the anchor for the Instruction Office with her expertise with curriculum systems, Banner, and general knowledge of Skyline College. Congratulations and thank you, Maria, for 25 years of selfless service to Skyline College.

13152747624_5672d273a8Manny Tablan came to Skyline College in December 2003 after serving 20 years in the US Navy. Following his military service, he worked for the US Post Office and that experience landed him the job as Shipping and Receiving Clerk at Skyline College. In his own quiet way, Manny manages the operation of the mailroom like a well-oiled machine with the help of student assistants. Manny continues his life of service and is quick to lend a helping hand anytime. Every Wednesday, he and a SparkPoint staff pick up a variety of staples and produce to stock up the Food Pantry, one of the many college resources that are available to our students and community members in need. His warmth, generosity and can-do attitude make working with Manny a pleasure. Congratulations and thank you, Manny, for 10 years of selfless service to Skyline College.

13152592253_dbc34a144eTheresa Tentes joined Skyline College as a student worker in the office of the Vice President of Student Services in 1990. As a student she studied and obtained a degree in Office Administration – Administrative Assistant. It was not long before she joined the President’s Office and provided support for the entire executive administration as she was prepared in the latest and greatest office administration technology. After obtaining her degree she joined the Vice President of Instructions office where she began as a staff assistant and eventually became an administrative secretary. Theresa served the office and the faculty for the next 18 years. She went on to become the Executive Administrative Assistant to the President were she continues to serve. Theresa is loved and respected by faculty and staff throughout the college. We have seen Theresa literally grow up at Skyline College and we now count on her strong development as the embodiment of professionalism and service. Congratulations and thank you, Theresa, for 10 years of selfless service to Skyline College.

Attendees celebrated and cheered the awardees, wishing them many happy and successful years to come. The event was followed by Administrators serving dessert to the participants.
Many thanks are extended to the bookstore for donating the prize $5-bookstore gift cards that were received by the bearer of the blue cards under their seats! Thanks are also extended to all of the individuals and departments that made this a memorable event including Theresa Tentes,
Kat Tshifunda, Golda Margate, Sherrie Prasad, Bryan Besnyi, Linda Bertellotti, Annie Trinh, the Facilities Staff, the Media Staff, the Bookstore Staff, the Graphics Arts and Production Staff, the Marketing, Communications, Public Relations Department, Amory Cariadus, Pacific Dining, and
Jan Phemester at the district office.

Article by Eloisa Briones | Photos by Cluadia Paz