Science in ActionThis past Monday the Science in Action series had a set of exciting and inspiring speakers.   Vanessa Cota and David Ruvalcaba were both CCSF students who started to do research for the Bridges to Baccalaureate program at SFSU, then continued with their research as they transferred to SFSU.  The Science in Action Series is a unique way for students to not only learn about some cutting edge science, but also to hear the personal stories of scientists who are starting their careers and are only a few years ahead of Skyline College students.

Vanessa’s path to the sciences is an interesting one, since her original degree was in Theater Arts.  After working in her field she decided to go back to school and study science. She came back to community college to take science classes and started practicing science with the Bridge to Baccalaureate program. Her participation in the program allowed her to get paid to do science rather than work in a retail job and she was then able to matriculate directly into the graduate program at SF State.

Vanessa told a story about how she is inspired to do her job. On the door to her laboratory is a sign that says “today it will work.” This inspires her to continue to do her research during the day. If things do not work the same doorway has a sign on the back that reads “tomorrow it will work,” letting her know that if she continues to work towards her goal she will eventually achieve it.

The Science in Action Series will continue through the semester with talks on Monday, March 2 in Building 7, Room 7106 from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m., when we will host Dr. Steven Weinstein, who will also talk about the Bridges to Baccalaureate program at SFSU and how students can apply to get paid to work in a lab and do research over the summer. See the list of upcoming events.

Photo from left to right: Skyline College students Daniel Messier, and Osama Ibrahim; Speakers David Ruvalcaba and Vanessa Cota; Student Pricsilla Sanchez and in the back is Patricio Trejo Lerdo.

Story and Photo by Nick Kapp

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