CCDA Regional ConferenceOn Friday, November 5, Skyline College Career Services Center hosted the California Career Development Association’s Northern California Regional Conference.  Over 120 Career Counselors from across the state representing private practitioners to college and university faculty were in attendance.  Vice President Angelica Garcia gave the welcome address stressing the importance of supporting the occupational aspirations of all students who seek guidance and knowledge.

Session topics reflected the importance of cultivating a meaningful career as we empower students to communicate, advocate, and elevate their academic goals. A panel of Millennial Professionals opened the day’s discussion and tapped into the changing workforce expectations. Additional seminars covered the ever-important issues of Civility and Etiquette, Adapting to the Multi-Generational Workforce (led by our own Skyline Communications Professor, Jessica Hurless), and Helping Those in Career Transition Holistically.

For many, this was their first introduction to Skyline College and feedback was uniformly very positive—from our beautiful campus, to the very timely topics of the break-out sessions. Colleagues were sharing best practices, and the latest in career counseling resources.  The day was enlightening and productive.

Article by Brian Jenney