Environmental Science Building 1The expansion of Lot L project between Pacific Heights and Loma Chica is currently underway. Public Safety, Facilities and Administration have been monitoring the impact on available parking spaces since classes began on August 16 and have found that there is a 2-3 hour period in the morning when there is no available student parking. District Facilities and Planning leadership along with executive college leadership have been in close contact and have considered several solutions with the goal of offering temporary parking. As a result of these discussions, subsequent quick research and the hard work of facilities staff to stripe this past week, yesterday, Thursday, August 31, 2017 an additional 285 parking spots were opened on the practice soccer field and a small dirt area next to Lot P. Thank you to public safety staff who provided exceptional customer service the first week of classes, assisting students in finding available parking and even providing rides to buildings from far away parking lots.

The expansion of Lot L will be completed in December 2017 at which time we will gain all parking spots we had before construction began, along with a net increase of 61 spaces.

The future construction site for the Environmental Science Building (Building 12) which will overlook the ocean is currently being prepared. Construction will begin in September with completion scheduled for December 2017. A groundbreaking celebration will be held for the Environmental Science Building on Tuesday, October 3, 2017 from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. The entire campus community is invited to attend the celebration along with the Board of Trustees, elected officials and many community members.

Upgrades to Loma Chica (Building 14) which is where the Child Development Center is housed are set to begin May 2018. New play-yards will be built with all new equipment installed and necessary updates will be made to the building. The project is scheduled to be completed December.

The new Social Science/Creative Arts Complex (Building 1) which will replace the current Building 1, is in the program planning phase. It will include a 520 seat theater, a black box theater, a recital hall, an art gallery and many classrooms for art, sculpture, music and other creative arts. The current Building 1 will be vacated in December 2018, with construction beginning April 2019. The completion of this building is schedule for June of 2021.

For more information regarding construction, please visit the Capital Improvements Project website.

Article by Cherie Colin

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