Dan Logan LectureOn Monday, November 23, Kappa Beta Delta Business Honor Society partnered with the Honors Transfers Club and Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society to present Dan Logan’s ‘Can You Pry Open a Closed Society?’ Mr. Logan presented on his experience as a civil rights volunteer fifty years ago, during a time when university students traveled to the state of Mississippi to register black citizens to vote. Mississippi was notorious for denying the black community to vote, barring their voting rights through literacy tests, poll taxes, intimidation, and violence.

Along with this lecture, this 50-minute presentation included literature, PBS video excerpts, and handouts, providing an in-depth perspective on the issue then and now. Attendees included the students and community of Skyline College, as well as the Women’s League of Voters. This event was hosted by Monina Ubungen, Co-President of Kappa Beta Delta. Refreshments were provided. Photos provided by Linda Whitten & Kaung Yang.

Article by Monina Ubungen