In the spring 2014 semester, Skyline College administered a voluntary campus climate survey to students. Replacing the Noel – Levitz survey this four-year cycle, this survey provided information for the district-wide community needs assessment, as well as for college planning and improvement purposes. Out of 9428 students enrolled, about ten percent responded. Sampling was not an intentional step in the process, unlike past campus climate surveys. However the survey results do provide a snapshot of a point in time of students’ levels of satisfaction with and perceptions about Skyline College’s programs, services, and learning environment.

Students generally expressed a high level of satisfaction, with 97% of 818 respondents indicating they’d recommend Skyline College to a family member or friend, and 91% indicating they would attend Skyline College if they were starting over. They also expressed a high degree of satisfaction with each survey dimension, 86% or higher.

More details are available under each of the survey dimensions: Instructional Effectiveness, Student Support Services, Career and Transfer Preparedness, Social Learning Environment, Responsiveness to Diverse Student Populations, Physical Learning Environment, Programming Considerations, and Informational Sources. Analyses and potential action plans from the Town Hall cohosted by the SLOAC/ IE Committee, the Academic Senate, and the Classified Senate are woven into the report. For the full report, please see

Article by Karen Wong