The Skyline College Employee Voice Survey closes in 2 days!  So far, 37% of Skyline College employees have completed the survey.  Thank you to all who have participated!  The survey results will be shared with the entire campus community, and will be used to identify areas of strength, opportunities for improvement, and areas for further study. 

It is critical that all college constituent groups be well-represented, but response rates vary widely across groups.  For example, currently, 53% of full-time faculty members have completed the survey, compared with just 16% of part-time faculty members.  If you haven’t yet participated, now is the time to take the survey.

The Skyline College Student Voice Survey was conducted in Fall 2022, and the RP Group is close to completing its analysis.  Here is a preview of the findings related to student’s sense of belonging.  Of the 1,170 students who responded to the survey, 83% agreed or strongly agreed with the statement “I feel that I belong at Skyline College,” 6% disagreed or strongly disagreed, and 11% were not sure.  Below is the breakdown by student race and ethnicity groups with at least 50 respondents (race/ethnicities with fewer than 50 respondents have been combined into the “other” category):

Among race/ethnicity groups, Latinx students reported the highest sense of belonging (88%), with White students and those of more than one race reporting the lowest agreement at 79%.  These and other findings will be explored further in the weeks to come. The complete survey results will be posted to the PRIE website, and also shared-out via a campus-wide town hall planned for later in the Spring semester.  Please stay tuned for student climate survey results!

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