The Transfer Center has been busy this fall 2018 semester assisting students with transfer applications for California State University (CSU) Spring 2019 admissions. The Transfer Center has hosted over fourteen application support workshops in August to support a large number of applicants, including daily walk-in application support. Since fall 2017, the Transfer Center has observed a 61.9% increase in the number of students accessing application workshops for support. The latest data show that 94 students transferred to CSU in spring 2017, with spring 2018 remaining preliminary and unavailable at this moment. That said, the transfer center has welcomed over 76 students this application period as of August 30th, resulting in over 92 visits this period if student count data is duplicated.

Moreover, CSU spring admissions have increased 56% since 2014 (CSU Info Center, 2018) due in part to state policy regarding transfer admission, enrollment capacity, improved funding at CSUs and transfer service programming at Skyline College.

Last academic year, CSU extended the deadline for spring admissions because it launched a brand new application system, Cal State Apply. Until now, CSU has not corresponded about deadline extensions, so August 31st will be the final day to submit an application. If CSU elects to extend the deadline, the Transfer Center will continue to assist students to create, complete and submit applications.

Thanks to Dr. Luis Escobar for support during this busy period. Furthermore, a special thank you to Joyce Lee, Melissa Komadina, John Ho, Richard Torres and the entire counseling faculty for their support and expertise. A special thank you to Skyline College Marketing and Public Relations for their assistance in our recruitment campaigns.

Article by Ernesto Hernandez


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