BuddyUpBuddyUp is a social media startup with the goal of connecting students within specific courses to facilitate peer-to-peer learning. Brian Forrester was inspired to found this company based on the difficulty he experienced as a college student trying to find study partners for a difficult math course.

The launch of this program is a collaboration between the SMCCD Foundation office, Skyline College, CSM, and Caňada College Learning Centers, and the CARE Foundation. The CARE Foundation has awarded subsidies to community colleges that serve a high population of first-generation students. With the goal of helping these students in mind, all three colleges will identify challenging courses to target for this program beginning in spring 2015.

The BuddyUp program is just one of several new or redesigned support programs at Skyline College that utilize best practices in higher education to improve academic success for incoming students, many of whom are starting below college level in one or more subjects. The Supplemental Instruction program, Supplemental Learning Assistance program, and a new pilot program designed by the College Success Initiative are related efforts that will provide more direct support to students inside and outside of the classroom.

More information about BuddyUp can be found at their website. Stay tuned for more college-specific information as the program is introduced throughout the SMCCD this spring.

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Article submitted by David Reed