B&S13898253215_396717c22f_oOn Monday April 14, Skyline College hosted its first annual Brothers and Sisters Conference. The conference strengthens and expands Skyline College’s existing outreach efforts to local high schools bridging the gap that currently exists in our educational pipeline for African American students. In collaboration with the ASTEP learning community, CIPHER, Student Services, Career Advancement Academy Programs, and Career Technology Education Programs, the Brothers and Sisters Conference served as a great transition and welcoming opportunity for these students as they graduate high school and come to Skyline College. Sponsored by the President’s Innovation Fund (PIF), the funds provided gave the team the opportunity to dream out loud. Components of the conference included:

1. Welcome
2. Institutional Welcome
3. Guest Speaker Milton Bowens
4. Enrollment Presentation
5. Program Fair
6. Campus Tour

Participating high schools included Capuchino, South San Francisco, Emery, Jefferson, and Lowell. Over 60 students were in attendance and they all were amazed by the programs and services Skyline College has to offer them.

If you want to see more photos from the day, click here

Article by Kwame Thomas