English Shared CurriculumIf you assign reading and writing in your class, please consider joining us in using the Rhetoric: What, Why, and How? which was written by the English teachers at Skyline College with contributions from our librarians and ESOL faculty. This project was volunteer and not for profit.


* to promote consistency amongst our classes by using shared definitions, philosophies and approaches when teaching the fundamental writing and reading concepts.

* to save our students money! We know textbooks are expensive, so we created one that is free online and can be used at all levels. If students want a print version of the textbook, they can get a copy through our bookstore and pay only the duplication costs of $35 plus tax

* to appeal to different types of learning styles. Since we created all the materials, we were also able to adapt the lessons into PowerPoint and voiced podcasts for students with more visual and auditory learning styles.

Article by Rachel Bell